London Tilbury's Terminal Facilities

Services and Support

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Disabled Access

The London Cruise Terminal is a single storey building occupying a level site and is suitable for disabled passengers, including wheelchair users. The car park is suitable for disabled customers. For any special requirements, please contact us directly.


The refreshment kiosk located inside of the Cruise Terminal lounge sells hot and cold drinks and snacks to its visitors.

Passenger Lounge

Passengers are welcome to wait to board in the passenger lounge.

Baggage Hall

Returning passengers’ luggage is unloaded from the ship, ready for collection in the Baggage Hall. Once you have identified your luggage, you will be directed to the exit via the Customs Hall to join your coach, taxi or private car.

No Smoking Policy

In accordance with the Health Act 2006, London Cruise Terminal is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is not permitted in the building and, for security reasons, passengers are unable to leave the Lounge once they have checked in.

Need to talk to us?

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London Tilbury

Steve Lyons

Head of Cruise

Steve has worked in shipping for over 40 years and brings a wealth of understanding about the industry.

Steve was very much a container man and and was responsible for a short sea container terminal before moving to Enterprise Distribution Centre for paper where he was based for 8 years.

Cruise is just one of Steve’s jobs but he has a keen interest in the industry, and the heritage of the buildings.

Steve certainly brings a keen eye for detail and takes pride in the floral displays at the front of the cruise terminal and takes a active role as a director of the Tilbury on the Thames Trust that is working with the local community to restore and celebrate the Cruise Terminal building.



Robert Mason

Head of Cruise

Rob Mason RICS BSc Hons is a Chartered Surveyor. Upon qualifying in 2003 he managed Property portfolios for large Pension funds.

In 2008 he was employed by Forth Ports Ltd to asset manage the commercial property and head up the Port security of Forth Ports 7 Scottish Operations.

He is currently the Head of Cruise for the Scottish Operations 3 Cruise Ports and 2 Anchorages, handling around 120 vessel calls and 140,000 passengers annually.

Forth Ports is the largest Port operator in Scotland and 3rd largest in the UK, 50% of Scotland's GDP in goods going through its ports and estuaries.